Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Know What Would be The Black Fashion Trends in 2011

To add to your collection of clothing and accessories, of course, the trend is an important reference. Before you go shopping or hunting discount end of the year, find out what fashion items that will be a trend in 2011. The following goods shall have in the next year, as quoted by Glamour

- Sweater Loose
Sweater size can be used when the official or casual. Choose the pieces firmly and neutral color, like beige, brown or black. If you want to look official, lives mix with brightly colored belt. Meanwhile, while relaxing you can combine them with jeans or a stylish stack.

- Pleated Skirt
Pleated skirt is very classic. But in 2011, this skirt will be back in great demand. If you have a body contains, not means can not wear the skirt of this model. Just select the number of small and dark pleated. Pair with bright color tops.

- Bag Frayed
Bags with a very frayed rope detail attention. To wear it you only need to use simple clothes. Bag model is quite "busy", it should be combined with simple-cut dress.

- Casual Pants
Casual pants cut 3 / 4 or 7 / 8 are also fashion items that you must have. Every now and leave the jeans and casual wear pants. Choose which intersect fit and slim. Pair it with flat shoes and casual tops cut to look stylish.

- A touch of bright color
To get a different impression, give a touch of bright color in appearance. Can with accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves, scarf, belt color pink, orange, navy blue or light green.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skinny Belt, Waist Tie Trends 2011

Great with solid buckle in 2010, the belt trends become more streamlined and ornate metal in 2011.

Appears at the beginning of the 19th century, belts become one fashion item that characterize masculinity. However, while this belt has become a cross-gender products and even fashion is one of the must-have-item for women. Whether worn just below the chest like obi, incurred neatly at the waist pants, or circular sweet on her hips, belts are always present in every season in a variety of styles.

Trends 2011, the belt is no longer displayed jumbo like that often seen in 2010, but much thinner and longer. Slender and long belts are worn by way of a double wrap at the hips to form curves, as seen in Michael Kors runway at New York Fashion Week.

While at DKNY, belts become an additional dimension that "break" monochromatic colors. As for the highstreet label Topshop and J. Crew, thin belts in striking a touch of chic palette that can enrich the look casual.

Phoebe Roberts, editor site mentions, leather belt is a slim size-must-have item for 2011. "Not only beautify the summer dress, skinny belt will be a fashion item all year," he explained. Further, Roberts said that in order to accompany and complement a variety of styles, choose leather belt in dark colors like black or brown.

"To view daily, with a simple belt buckle, white or yellow gold can give practical style. As for partying, use a belt with metal embellishment, such as studs or sequins berdetail, "he continued.

Reference practical look with skinny belt can be seen in D & G collection that combines pipe pants, skinny jeans, even a wool dress with a slim leather belt.

While the display is shown Balmain partynan glamorous Bejeweled belt that brings together body conscious dresses. The vintage style with a leather belt Louis Vuitton shown that many of adapting the era of the 50's silhouette. Summer dress with three-dimensional embellishment looks more beautiful when combined with sleek white belt which concluded at the end.
While Marc Jacobs also give a touch of lady-like at Marc by Marc Jacobs collection with ribbon-shaped buckle. MaxMara give the appearance of sophisticated Italian by presenting a belt with a shirt and boyish in her breathing, belts become affirming view androgyny. While Aquascutum provide an alternative way of "use" to conclude belts casually in front of the coat, without inserting the tip on the buckle. "If you want to use Aquascutum style, choose a belt made of soft leather and with the embellishment that is not too crowded," said Roberts.

History belts actually started since 3000 BC, in which humans began to mine the precious metal. At that time, more belts to function as belt equipment rather than a fashion item and are mostly used by men. The belt started to become part of the fashion world in the early Middle Ages, although still a fashion item for men.

The belt began to infiltrate into the fashion of women in the era of wars in the mid-19th century, where women began to wear military uniforms. In Europe and America, belts worn in the middle of the waist outside the uniform by military officials. As for the soldiers and administrative officers, belts worn slightly below the waist.

Furthermore, the circular belt is loose in the hip are believed to be the influence of the hippies and became a trend in the era of the '70s. So is the eclectic variety that makes buckle belt as one of the must-have-item for women. Not only from the skin, for women, belts continue to evolve both from the shape, size, and use of materials. Fabric, metal chains, thin rope, to the formation of belt-like corsets, has adorned the clothing of women in feminine style to near-extreme

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Most extravagant handbags

Handbag, for women, not just container storage of goods, but a status symbol. Hermes Birkin and Kelly from or Diamond Forever from Chanel are some of the most extravagant handbags in the fashion world. As well as shoes, handbags become a fashion statement that can not be ruled out. The reason that's what makes Marc Jacobs is so serious use accessory lines for the three labels are handled, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Not only is Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Frida Giannini of Gucci is also not left behind "polish" a collection of accessories, including handbags and shoes, which are always seen protruding above the runway. "The market wanted the bag and shoes that give statements and the designers meet that need," says fashion editor Westin Pauline Thomas, who said in this era, handbags are the wheels of the player's coffers and the fashion house fashion labels, in addition to perfume.

A number of the world's top fashion labels like Hermes, Christian Dior, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, vying to bring "the it bag", competes with fashion label that was run in lane accessories and leather products like Bottega Veneta , Loewe, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Anya Hindmarch. Hermes Kelly and Birkin had, two iconic handbag with a long list of reservations. Marc Jacobs is always a success with young stylish handbag collection which sold each season. While Bottega Vendeta never fails to sell products patterned woven leather that became his trademark.

Anya Hindmarch has led the market with a simple bag that read "I'm Not A Plastic Bag", while Kate Spade attract consumers through a catchy design with bright colors. But, of course, talking bag branded means talking about money in large quantities. If Jimmy Choo sold his collection with an average of USD300, it could sell Hermes Birkin with USD6.000 price for the smallest size and can reach prices of tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and material.

What makes the Birkin and Kelly are so many crazy women? Pamela Danziger, author of Why People Buy Things They Do not Need and founder of the luxury market research firm Unity Marketing says, "People tend to spend their money for something that makes them happy, and for women, handbags and shoes are included in the category that. "Meanwhile, for the Birkin and Kelly, Danziger says it is related to a status symbol.

"For many women, the Hermes Birkin and Kelly synonymous with luxury and have it automatically with their social status, too elevated," he explained. As well as luxury cars, Birkin and Kelly also have a "grade" apart, depending on materials used. If Birkin "regular" priced at USD6.000, the Birkin "special" made from crocodile leather and decorated with diamonds worth 10 carats can reach the number USD120.000 and only produced by the two in the world.

Diamonds are not only decorated the Hermes bags, Chanel also. Collection Chanel Diamond Forever, released in 2007 included in the list of the most extravagant handbags Forbes. As well as the Crocodile Birkin, Chanel Diamond Forever priced USD260.000 was made of alligator skin with a distinctive logo of Chanel from 18 carat white gold decorated with diamonds totaling 334 carats 3:56.

Chanel Party claims alligator were taken from licensed farms. Although only a few people who could have Crocodile Birkin or Chanel Diamond Forever, researcher and retailer of luxury products mention that an increase in sales of luxury handbags than last year by 11%. "It can be driven by the economic climate began to recovery so that passion back spending increases," said Meaghan Mahoney, Daily News fashion editor.

However, according to Mahoney, the main thing that drives sales of luxury bags is a scarcity factor. "It is increasingly rare these products, it will be more and more demand," said Mahoney, referring back to the Birkin and Kelly, who has a waiting list up to monthly.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Men strategies to overcome Baldness

Thinning hair can be a major cause of male anxiety at the age of 18-40 years. So, what strategies can a man do to overcome this?

Male pattern baldness is inherited disorders and is a form of alopecia (hair loss) are most common. The process begins when normal hair on the forehead and crown of the head was replaced by the hair smooth and soft. The hairline and then retreated in stages. Only a trained skin specialist who can determine whether the hair follicle so damaged that hair loss is permanent. Thus the opinion of Dr. Miriam Stoppard in his book titled "Family Health Guide."

Over the years a number of strategies have been used to help men who experience hair loss, with varying degrees of success. This is a brief summary of the available strategies.

Wig (wig, hairpiece)
This is the most safe and not painful (in terms of health and money) to hide the hair loss. There are wigs which can be permanently attached to the head or sewn into the scalp. Wigs sutures can lead to infection so it is not recommended. The only side effect wigs that can happen is that users may be sensitive to the adhesive that are sometimes used.

Hair weaving (hair weaving)
It is an act of non-surgical hair replacement menabah on existing hair to cover bald areas. New hair braided strand by strand on the edge of the hair. Hair weaving requires maintenance and careful cleaning.

Hair Planting
These are actions which the semi-surgical adhesions strand of hair to the scalp in the form of suture planted in the bald area. The hair is implanted usually are synthetic hair so you should not use a hair dryer.

Hair Transplantation (hair transplant)
This is a surgery that generally replaces the hair permanently, although the results are not as beautiful as the hair that has been lost. Some of the hair tie is cut from the rest of the hair healthy and on the sides and back of the head and implanted in the bald area. These usually fall out after hair transplant but was later replaced by new hair. Only a few hair follicles that can ditansplantasi in one session and the process must be repeated for all the bald area can be covered.

In research on drug control high blood pressure, found that minoksidil promotes hair growth. This medicine should be applied to the scalp twice a day for at least four months for visible effects. Therapy should be continued or hair loss will recur.

The second drug, finasterid, which is used to treat benign prostate enlargement, has been used to reduce male pattern baldness by reducing the effect of alpha reductase enzyme which is expected to cause baldness.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beautiful with scarf

In 2011, the scarf will become an important fashion item that not only can provide warmth, but also boost performance.

Return of charm scarf to the catwalk for spring and summer of 2011 pioneered a number of designers. Among other things, through the label DKNY Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Resort Collection, as well as with Stella McCartney scarf in a style that combines casual dress.

However, it is interesting to note not only of the variation range of motif scarf presented the designers, but the way they wrapped the scarf around the neck to make it look more stylish. Call it the Donna Karan is inspired by the use of scarves a la Jackie O.

In the DKNY runway at New York Fashion Week, Karan presented two styles use a scarf, which is closely wrapped around the neck and letting loose ends free in the back like a Jackie Onassis-style while on horseback.

The second style, the scarf is folded to form a triangle, then tied to form gaucho style is simple but still chic. Karan was not just a scarf combines breathing with feminine dresses, but with a shirt and blazer suit casual or as a decoration style in a casual sweater and matching capri pants.

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs, for his resort collection for Louis Vuitton, presents a scarf in the breath is simple and practical. Louis Vuitton scarf comes with a metal key at the end that allows users to conclude without having to tie scarves.

"Scarves for this resort collection comes with a metal clasp so it is more practical to use," said Louis Vuitton Indonesia Public Relations Cecilia King, who also said that the resort collections are available at Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Furthermore, Fashion Director Tammy Vipperman Talbots said to bring a casual appearance, but still chic with a scarf, no need to use a knot that is too complicated.

"No need to conclude a scarf in a style that is too complicated because it will make the appearance look unbalanced," said Vipperman.

For that, he suggested some simple knot that will be able to make an appearance looks simple but stylish.

"The easiest way is to get creative with a rectangular scarf," said Vipperman.

"You can fold the triangle-shaped, and concluded both ends behind the neck," he said.

Or, if the appearance of the classic style of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly as you want, Vipperman suggested to make a scarf in a long, thin folds that then concluded on the side of the neck.

"Wear these cute knot with a shirt and jeans for a masculine appearance as well as chic," he explained.

When I want to feel warm and stylish all at once, Vipperman suggested to use instead of a scarf knitted scarf fabric. For the casual look, you just wrapped loosely around the neck or similar sums tie and let the ends dangle in front of the body length.

"The use of such is the foundation of all style knot a scarf," said Vipperman.

However, if you want a little style, try using a scarf that has a built-in alias ruffles scarf that has a rubber that is more flexible than the usual scarf. To view a more formal scarves, shawls suggest Vipperman rectangular soft fabric, like silk or satin, which folded last triangular asymmetric concluded.

"Tie a knot in one of the neck, on the left or the right and let the scarf looks from behind a shirt or coat that you use," he said, explaining the use is similar to that presented Prada scarf style.

Different materials, different ways to summarize. For cashmere scarf with fringe at the edges, Vipperman recommend the use of masculine style.

"Let the scarf fell in front of the body or conclusion simply by folding it in half, then insert both ends into the base of the folded scarf and pull down to near the neck," he explained.

Meanwhile, to show the style of boho, scarves are the most suitable use is a long scarf with fringed ends.

"Use is asymmetrical with one end longer than the other end," he said.

Not only is wrapped around the neck, a scarf can appear attractive as a hair accessory. Scarf with unique motifs can look cute as a bandana, while the more masculine hue and abstracts can be used as headban to view or bohemian rebel.

Want to look stylish cowgirl? Move the scarf from his head and wrap the wrists instead of bangles. In addition, the scarf can also be a sweetener handbag.

Choose a fun patterned scarf in contrasting colors or tone with a bag who want to wear, then wrap and scarf on handletas conclude, let the ends dangle down for the bag look more chic.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Find Out Hair Style 2011

December to the month of interest to the designers, hair stylists and makeup artist. At least in this month to the three professions are getting busy to look for clues about the prediction for lovers of fashion style or trend that will take effect next year.

In the hair style for example, always happens with change sesuaia trend. Now what kind of hair style in rabbits or 2011 later? Here are a few choices of style or model that can be tried who knows indeed fit for you:

1. Short hair. From year to year there is always a hair style that followed. Some time ago never booming short hairstyles a la Demi Moore, who played brilliantly in the movie Ghost when memendekan orangpun like enchanted hair all want to look similar to reference the style or short hair trend.

Initially, short hair is not much favored by women of the world. But the last five years it became fashionable hair style when the celebrity world started with short hair who could be more simple style and dapata adapted to all sorts of conditions and activities, as well as from the treatment even easier.

2. Layer hair. This hairstyle will be much-loved by the women. Moreover, the touch layer on tantanan hair gives the impression of elegance and modern as the techniques that created layer to give the impression of a charming elegant asymmetric.

3. Long hair. Hair style reflects the true feminine, very classic, but from year to year is always timeless. Occurrences candidate Queen Kate Middleton with curly long hair flowing and provide fresh air directly followed by their long hair. Not to mention even this long hair style identical owned by women from China and Japan that provides sheen and beauty of the fabric of the long hair flowing.

4. Bob Hair Style. Victoria Beckham style hair artist bobnya seemed bewitched the people to do the same. With her bouffant hair look young, bright, energetic and cheerful. Hair style is a style that is safe and versatile that can frame the faces of the women. Especially those who have a round face, the hair style is to save and give the impression of more gaunt face and soften your jaw line.

5. Emo Hair Style. This hairstyle really be called futuristic though not new. Hair style is worth a try to give the impression of funky, slang and trendy.

6. Stylish Hair Farah Faccet. Hair style is still popular in the form of loose curls, wavy style traps are starting from the front fringe, down to the bottom tip of the hair. Women with this style are beautiful to give the impression of a little naughty or seductive and powerful sensuality. So please specify which you want to style

Friday, December 3, 2010

Clothing Adjusting for The Tiny Body

Most of the fat-bodied women would envy those petite. He thought, would be easy to find a small fashions. In fact, not all owners of the tiny body was easy to find clothes. Because, if one chose, his body could be seen "drowned" in the pocket. What are the tricks to outsmart the petite body shape to look more "stand out"? Here are tips from Jill Martin in the book Fashion for Dummies.

For petite women, which is smaller than the size of an average woman's body, you should look for clothing that can make you look ladder. Do not look for clothes that cut down the middle, but look for clothes that make your body seem high.

* Choose clothing that gives the impression of vertical lines, such as vertical lines monochromatic. If you use a patterned dress, look for small patterns. Stay away from dark colored clothing from top to bottom. As well as clothes that are too contrast in the middle, like a white shirt paired with black trousers. This will make you look as if "cut" in the middle. If one wants to use a contrasting color, do the switching colors. For example, you want to use the red blouse on top of a gray skirt, then you can match the gray blazer the same to make the appearance seem high.

* Avoid horizontal line. Big belt or sash on the waist should be avoided, unless the color matching your clothes.

* Detailing will be very helpful. Wear a long skirt with large button detail at the edges. Wrapdress also could be an option to create a fuller body.

* High-heeled shoes of course is a mandatory accessory for the petite. Not only make you taller, but also increase confidence.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To Make Nose Looks Sharp

In addition to making the face look more fresh, make-up also serves to correct the facial memngantu less than perfect. Therefore, choose the colors of the fresh makeup to create a more memorable appearance.

There are 5 important steps that need to be done to form the nose to appear more pointed, namely:
  1. Have 2 color foundation, which is dark and light. Color dark foundation, used to cover the area of the face that need to be disguised. Conversely, a light foundation color applied to highlight areas of the face that it needs to be displayed.
  2. For the nose, apply a dark foundation on the side. As for the nasal bone, use a light color foundation. As another alternative, you can use concealer. In order for the color difference between them is not too flashy, make up foundation with patting using your fingers.
  3. After that, use a powder or solid evenly to the face.
  4. Continue to use eyeshadow to eye makeup. At the end of the inner eye, apply a bit of dark eyeshadow, to create the angle between the eyes with the tip of the nose.
  5. At the top of the nasal bone, apply a little eyeshadow ivory white (ivory). To the side of the nose, give a dark brown color. The nose will look more slender and pointed.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Style Like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton looking way that could make Prince William fell in love, do make women curious. Want to know the secret, here's the steps that can be followed in order to make men fall in love. Problem clothing, designer collections customer Kate Danielle Issa Helayel Brazil. But, true style he chose quite easy to follow as her choice in sapphire blue dress which she wear when announcing her engagement.

Dressing gown accented at the waist perfect for all women because it gives effect trim. Long sleeved dresses also will hide a big arm. Long dresses to the knee will not give the impression shabby or too sexy, but gives the impression of elegance. Similarly, black suede shoes of his choice, not too high and comfortable to wear so she would not be staggered. Problem hair, hand it to the hairdresser subscription, so finding people who fit our style, then submit the job to him. It made her, he entrusted the hairdressing salon at James Price at Richard Ward, London customers.

Kate's hair style is simple, natural, and gentle. Actually no need of hair styling expert, an important styled the right way. Use a shampoo that gives the effect of volume, then apply the foam on the roots so the hair raised. As for makeup, Kate up to now had no makeup stylist own. He only use eye liner, and natural-colored lipstick. However, to get the appearance such as Kate, there are special tricks that can be followed.

Kate's style is natural, more focus on the eye. She has beautiful skin so it does not require any enhancement. But if you have a shortage of skin, use moisturizer to cover it. As for Kate's choice of jewelry, earrings and necklaces she had a private collection. He chose the form of jewelry that is simple and smooth, and inconspicuous.

Skin Care Secrets Supermodel style

You want to have a beautiful face with smooth skin, no breakouts, and ageless. Here it is, the secret of some supermodel about their beauty secrets. With manicured faces, they do not have to use makeup to look beautiful.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has tips on caring for women is often underestimated in general, he always maintains d├ęcolletage that is part of the breast. While this section shows the age of a person, without special care, women look older.

The model is now 43 years old to consult with your doctor to determine the right product for him. He created the product along with Jean-Louis Sebagh, cosmetic specialists based in Paris. For him to maintain d├ęcolletage as important as maintaining facial skin.

There are more skin care tips from Caudia Schiffer, she avoids products containing milk and sugar. "Setilap times consume dairy products and sugar, my skin so bad," said 39-year model. Besides, he diligently aple juice, and water mixed with lemon and ginger which can make the skin look healthier.

As for tips from Amber Valetta, he never forgot to use products that contain sun protection, even during cloudy weather. According to 35-year model, increasing age the skin more sensitive.