Friday, June 3, 2011

Orange Lipstick, Summer Color Trends

If you are looking for ways to create a new look that brings the atmosphere of the summer, no longer with-tanning darkens the color of the body-under the flood of sunlight. But the perfect way to do this is using the lipstick color orange.

Not only marks a new season, but gave little signal "pick me" if you will radiate charm on the him.

Orange is a bright solid color. Red lipstick idol of many women who become immediately replaced with a more playful orange color.

Starting from the celebrities who attended the Oscar awards ceremony seen many uses of orange lipstick, like Mandy Moore, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, until fashionist many are using these brightly colored lipstick.

So, how to wear orange lipstick? Rules using bright color lipstick is first you must select the type of lipstick. Type lipstick matte look is lighter than using glossy lipstick. Wear glossy lipstick to make lips look more wide and full, so you should use a matte type.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspired Style Make-up Superstar

No need anymore to use false eyelashes for a beautiful thick eyelashes, long and tapering. It only takes the right mascara for the sake of making eye view looks perfect.

Why mascara? The result of research conducted on 78 women Max Factor, says that false eyelashes look thicker and tapering, but make them uncomfortable and looks to be excessive. And if there is a mascara that can give the look like false eyelashes, without doubt they will buy it.

As many as 40 percent of women say makeup is not complete without mascara. Make up what you want to beautify the face; 1. Lipstick 2. Mascara or 3. Blush on?. Of the approximately 2,300 participants, about 40 percent choose the mascara.

Women are not too enthusiastic when I offered them a good lipstick. Naturally, since a lot of good lipstick on the market. But when offered mascara that have effects like wearing false eyelashes, they are very interested.

This is reasonable. In the world of beauty, mascara occupies a significant portion in the overall makeup. You could say the portions of 25 percent because of mascara highlight your eyes and make the overall appearance looks perfect. There's something missing when wearing make-up, but do not use mascara.

What makes a False Lash Effect Mascara unlike any other mascara product? Max Factor's newest product claims as false eyelashes in a bottle. His greatness lies in thick and large brush that has been combined with brush iFX technology that can strengthen each lash. Not only in terms of brushes, False Lash Effect Mascara also has a liquid formula that has been patented lash.

The combination will facilitate the use of mascara on each sweep. Straight eyelashes will look thick, long, and tapering natural. The end result was not rigid.

Most women are inspired to the style of make-up superstar. They took an idea about what you want from a superstar and presented with a more natural style.

Desire woman makeup trends outlined three different ways, the Brown Radiant Collection that highlight shades of brown for a classic look. Fuchsia Collection, which offers a warm color palette for the appearance of a typical glamorous stars, and Gold Radiance representing gold color to display a dramatic impression.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Restore Your Face from Sun Rays

Some of us may not see the importance of using sunscreen cream, or today we do not forget to use a face shield it from exposure to ultraviolet light. Whatever the reason, exposure to ultraviolet rays are strong enough to make our skin becomes red. Especially when it is followed by the pain. That means, our skin is not really strong with ultraviolet light which forced entry to the skin cells.

If this is what we feel, we usually just run to the bathroom and wash your face. Water wash our face, the effect is simply to wipe the burning sensations attached to the face, but not completely cool the skin. Curious what can we do to save face from the sun?

1. Grease a face with a lotion containing aloe vera. According to Lynne C. David, ND, neuropathic of the Center for Integrative Medicine, George Washington University Medical Center, Aloe Vera is the most effective plant cooling the face after being exposed to sunlight. Because this plant is soothing the tissues of our skin.

But David reminds us not to choose lotions that provided additional perfumery. Perfuming substance which is added it can cause allergies in our skin.

2. Compress with milk. Soak a small towel in cold liquid milk, then place the towel on the face of sunburn. "Set aside a towel for 20 minutes," said Hadley C. King, MD, a dermatologist from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. Fat in the milk will soften the dry skin that has been burned. Recompress every 2 or 4 hours.

3. Do not forget to drink water. "Dehydration is a side effect caused by sunburn," said Andrea Donsky, founder of organic natural sites And for the facial skin, white water we drink will irrigate the skin cells so that the pores could be closed again and issue of oil.

4. Apply honey. Inflammation of the skin is actually very easy to detect. If the color of our skin turn red as boiled crabs, the skin cells had become inflamed. And by nerve cells, inflammation was indicated by the pain we feel.

In order to return to normal skin, apply honey, especially in the skin of the fire. But choose a natural honey without any additional flavor, color, or aroma. Honey has a property suppress inflammation, says Donsky.

5. Take vitamins. In addition to save the skin from the outside, we also must increase the intake of antioxidants from the inside. King suggests, for several days after the burning sun, we should consume 1,000 mg of vitamin C supplementation, 400 IU vitamin E, 15 mg beta carotene, and two tablespoons of flaxseed oil or flaxseed oil.

All of that is a natural antioxidant that can accelerate the formation of antioxidants in the body to fight free radicals from ultraviolet rays that enter through the skin. In addition in the form of supplements, we can also enjoy all the antioxidants that by eating carrots, spinach, green vegetables, avocados, and almonds.

Five trick is actually not only will free us from the appearance of a red face, but also restore the chains antioxidant that works to protect and treat the skin. Good luck!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Secret Make-Up Shining Jennifer Aniston

Although age was entered the head 4, Jennifer Aniston always looks fresh and charming. One trick is to make-up-style golden California Girl who became its flagship. Lucky we are, the actress makeup artist willing to share the secrets of make-up Jennifer Aniston.

Recently, the actress known for her role in the series Friends was attending the launch of his latest film, Just Go With It. In this film, he collided with Adam Sandler's acting and Nicole Kidman. But that night that made a lot of people are talking about a simple appearance, with bright skin bright and almost flawless.

Angela Levin, makeup artist Jennifer, call the style of the actress that night dressed as a 'California girl with golden skin'.

According to Angela, to get the look like Jennifer, the main key is to put the eye shadow and golden brown on the eyelid. Greed dark brown eye shadow to the eyelids, then frames the top and bottom of the eye with black eye liner. This trick makes Jennifer's eyes more visible blue glow. After that, apply bronzer and blush-on pink on both cheeks, and lip color with shades of pink nude lipstick.

According to Angela, though she had experienced a lot of dressing Hollywood stars like Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, she really enjoyed working with Jennifer Aniston because the actress really knows what kind of makeup that suits her.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Working Mother Dressing Tricks

All mothers must be busy today. Whether it's busy with activities at home and who is also active with an office job or have their own business, definitely got busy. Mother who also holds the career woman is more easily caught, usually, he can carrying a variety of things at once, for example, a laptop with a bag of groceries, and more. The women work as a mother who also has two integrated world. Not a few mother and career woman was in the afternoon to attend a board meeting, attending evening meetings of parents with school children.

Working mothers do not have much time. He must be good at managing time and being practical, including in terms of mix and match clothing. In order not to be bothered, here are some points that could help you, the great mother who superaktif to save time without sacrificing style:

1. Subtract a one-piece dress
No need too much to buy dress, jumpsuit, or other one piece dress, because you can only wear it sometimes. People will instantly recognize when you wear one-piece, because it is quite iconic. One-time use, and you should immediately wash the clothes, too, can rarely be charged many times.

2. Blazers and jackets
Blazer and formal jacket is the best way to create a professional impression on top of a skirt or pants. Plus, if you replace subordinates with jeans or leggings, blazers or jackets will be immediately visible fun and chic. Choose a jacket or blazer with a solid color (one color), intersecting the body fit, and without much detail. Invest in different lengths. Jacket worn as superficial, when not too dirty can be worn many times from the clothes you wear in it replaced.

3. Skirt
Skirts are important professional clothing to own. A little motif on the skirt is still safe to own. Make sure you can mix and match clothing with other clothing you have. We recommend that you choose a skirt with a medium size, not too short, but also not too long. You want to be able to move freely without having to worry will be lifted her skirt was so short, or hard to move because it was too long.

4. Pants
"Rules" pants around not far from the "rules" on number 2. Choose a solid color. Pants color safe, with a beautiful piece on the body, such as boot cut or wide-leg will look chic when paired with denim jacket, windbreaker, jacket, and so forth. Khaki-colored pants are also very easy dipadupadankan. However, alert to the color of khaki pants that are too thin, because it could leave the impression of less attractive if it is too "menyeplak" in the groove or deposition of fat in the hips and buttocks, not to mention if there is a VPL (Visible Panty Line).

5. Blouses / tops beautiful
Choose a blouse or top with a variation on the sleeve and an interesting little detail. Imagine a beautiful dress, but you can still move freely while taking care of children running around or ask for help to wear a seat belt in the backseat. Sleeves are too long with a bell model will make it difficult to move when you have to do things like that.

6. Cardigan
Cardigan with all models of the neck, both V-neck or scoop neck will help you to move as he looks interesting. Rather than buy a sweater that can only be worn once in a while plus a difficult treatment, a cardigan is the best choice.

7. Large handbag
Large handbag will help you bring a lot of goods, ranging from a wallet, makeup, a small comb, cell phone, organizer, as well as wet wipes, dry wipes, and baby necessities. Make sure it is strong enough hand luggage through various "trials" but also the style of the time taken to meet clients.

8. Jewelry
Jewelry is a small thing that makes a woman look beautiful in a heartbeat. Earrings, necklaces, and watches are not made of similar design, provided the same fabric color, like silver or gold will suffice. Choose a simple and elegant design. No need to buy a great bracelet that lined and sound every time you move. You will move much, imagine how noisy the bracelet?

9. Underwear
This is the best investment for you to feel confident. Most women ignore it if it is not matching clothing, but for some women, underwear must match, at least in color. To you who type "miss matching", better to buy clothes in daily with the same color. This rule only for underwear you would wear everyday. Save on expensive clothes and a special night just for her husband in a different place, well, the part that you can fill it with other colors. You will save a lot of time if the clothes in your daily have similar colors, do not bother looking in the morning.

10. Stocking
Your user type stockings? If yes, from far-away days, make sure you save a backup of new stockings at home and at work. You never know what events will make your stockings perforations. This is the most embarrassing because it makes you look no attention.

11. Scarf
Scarf is also a nice option to add a beautiful impression. Can be tied around the bag, the neck, or close the hair on a hot day. Make sure the color is quite safe paired with dresses you have.

12. Note material
You know your daily activities will be high, too often you'll be in a hurry and sweaty clothes. Make sure you have clothing made of materials that absorb sweat, avoid buying clothes you plan to wear daily with the tag "Dry Clean Only". This type of clothing "Dry Clean Only" will take time to clean it and the price is not cheap. Clothing with a symbol like this can only be worn occasionally, especially during formal events.

The points above are tips for moms who want to still look attractive while undergoing its activities as a mother and an active worker. But not to be taken a headache, because at the end of the day, little is actually not really care what you wear, the important thing he knew, you were near him every time he needed.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glasses Style in 2011

In 2011 not only into the limelight to observe the stage fashion. Accessories glasses also draw attention to the fans. Consider the narrative artist Katie Holmes, "Glasses make me look more attractive, in addition of course to improve self-confidence," said Katie, wife of actor Tom Cruise, who always wore large round glasses like Jackie O, wife of President John Kennedy.

Each time you are in the general area, Katie was seen wearing glasses in order to avoid frequent target of the paparazzi there. But in this Rabbit Year Katie can enjoy his favorite sunglasses with a choice of different styles. Start style cat's eye, John Lennon, edgy, to retro asymmetrical.

Can not be denied, the presence of a cat's eye shaped sunglasses as reminiscent of the style in the era of 1950 or the 1960s, known by the slogan back to Sixties. For those who want to look trendy, this must-have style. Unfortunately thousand unfortunately, not everyone can wear it, because this force will only look attractive and harmonious when worn by those who have a heart face shape or box.

Fashion house Christian Dior would not keep silence, and directly serves this style sunglasses with metallic blue frame and full frame black. While Jeremy Scott's red-rimmed glasses presenting liver. This style is always rising prestige because the model is very classic and always timeless, with a model shaped like a heart, a mix of vintage and sporty style. Not only used to simply relax to the beach, ambitious women, funky, and confident like this style.

The glasses man who triumphed in this year still wearing Ray-Ban brand, which is considered loyal brings sporty and masculine model. Now the label from the United States had been returned to the classical elements.

It seems when viewed from the coloring and style. Framework of fixed-frame is designed like the first time Ray-Ban glasses produced for the U.S. pilots, seven decades ago. However, for materials, not metal or plastic used, but carbon fiber is stronger and lighter.

John Lennon's style was still the idol in the Year of Rabbit. This style is usually to use the framework of a more robust material, such as carbon stainless steel, or even bone. Despite having a model that considered the most rigid and formal, in fact in 2011 this force was still rising prestige.

He has a major characteristic of the typical on the glass selection. Always clear so it is good for those who have beautiful eyes. John Lennon model ornament decor is very simple. In the spring of the 1960s, this style to be excellent, all racing to be seen dressed ala Beatles group's vocalist. Wear

ing these glasses will give a touch of chic, young, and asserted that any facial lines will look perfect with this model. Some of the brand launch of this model is Diane von Furstenberg, Costume National, Proenza Schouler, and Giorgio Armani.

Retro style was always the eternal, timeless. With pieces of a less contoured, this model actually has the largest variation. There are round, oval, clutching the eyes like goggles, glasses or soft like Brit pop. This model was reported by several leading brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, and Stella McCartney. Retro is perfect for those who faced symmetrical.