Saturday, March 19, 2011

Secret Make-Up Shining Jennifer Aniston

Although age was entered the head 4, Jennifer Aniston always looks fresh and charming. One trick is to make-up-style golden California Girl who became its flagship. Lucky we are, the actress makeup artist willing to share the secrets of make-up Jennifer Aniston.

Recently, the actress known for her role in the series Friends was attending the launch of his latest film, Just Go With It. In this film, he collided with Adam Sandler's acting and Nicole Kidman. But that night that made a lot of people are talking about a simple appearance, with bright skin bright and almost flawless.

Angela Levin, makeup artist Jennifer, call the style of the actress that night dressed as a 'California girl with golden skin'.

According to Angela, to get the look like Jennifer, the main key is to put the eye shadow and golden brown on the eyelid. Greed dark brown eye shadow to the eyelids, then frames the top and bottom of the eye with black eye liner. This trick makes Jennifer's eyes more visible blue glow. After that, apply bronzer and blush-on pink on both cheeks, and lip color with shades of pink nude lipstick.

According to Angela, though she had experienced a lot of dressing Hollywood stars like Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, she really enjoyed working with Jennifer Aniston because the actress really knows what kind of makeup that suits her.