Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glasses Style in 2011

In 2011 not only into the limelight to observe the stage fashion. Accessories glasses also draw attention to the fans. Consider the narrative artist Katie Holmes, "Glasses make me look more attractive, in addition of course to improve self-confidence," said Katie, wife of actor Tom Cruise, who always wore large round glasses like Jackie O, wife of President John Kennedy.

Each time you are in the general area, Katie was seen wearing glasses in order to avoid frequent target of the paparazzi there. But in this Rabbit Year Katie can enjoy his favorite sunglasses with a choice of different styles. Start style cat's eye, John Lennon, edgy, to retro asymmetrical.

Can not be denied, the presence of a cat's eye shaped sunglasses as reminiscent of the style in the era of 1950 or the 1960s, known by the slogan back to Sixties. For those who want to look trendy, this must-have style. Unfortunately thousand unfortunately, not everyone can wear it, because this force will only look attractive and harmonious when worn by those who have a heart face shape or box.

Fashion house Christian Dior would not keep silence, and directly serves this style sunglasses with metallic blue frame and full frame black. While Jeremy Scott's red-rimmed glasses presenting liver. This style is always rising prestige because the model is very classic and always timeless, with a model shaped like a heart, a mix of vintage and sporty style. Not only used to simply relax to the beach, ambitious women, funky, and confident like this style.

The glasses man who triumphed in this year still wearing Ray-Ban brand, which is considered loyal brings sporty and masculine model. Now the label from the United States had been returned to the classical elements.

It seems when viewed from the coloring and style. Framework of fixed-frame is designed like the first time Ray-Ban glasses produced for the U.S. pilots, seven decades ago. However, for materials, not metal or plastic used, but carbon fiber is stronger and lighter.

John Lennon's style was still the idol in the Year of Rabbit. This style is usually to use the framework of a more robust material, such as carbon stainless steel, or even bone. Despite having a model that considered the most rigid and formal, in fact in 2011 this force was still rising prestige.

He has a major characteristic of the typical on the glass selection. Always clear so it is good for those who have beautiful eyes. John Lennon model ornament decor is very simple. In the spring of the 1960s, this style to be excellent, all racing to be seen dressed ala Beatles group's vocalist. Wear

ing these glasses will give a touch of chic, young, and asserted that any facial lines will look perfect with this model. Some of the brand launch of this model is Diane von Furstenberg, Costume National, Proenza Schouler, and Giorgio Armani.

Retro style was always the eternal, timeless. With pieces of a less contoured, this model actually has the largest variation. There are round, oval, clutching the eyes like goggles, glasses or soft like Brit pop. This model was reported by several leading brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, and Stella McCartney. Retro is perfect for those who faced symmetrical.