Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspired Style Make-up Superstar

No need anymore to use false eyelashes for a beautiful thick eyelashes, long and tapering. It only takes the right mascara for the sake of making eye view looks perfect.

Why mascara? The result of research conducted on 78 women Max Factor, says that false eyelashes look thicker and tapering, but make them uncomfortable and looks to be excessive. And if there is a mascara that can give the look like false eyelashes, without doubt they will buy it.

As many as 40 percent of women say makeup is not complete without mascara. Make up what you want to beautify the face; 1. Lipstick 2. Mascara or 3. Blush on?. Of the approximately 2,300 participants, about 40 percent choose the mascara.

Women are not too enthusiastic when I offered them a good lipstick. Naturally, since a lot of good lipstick on the market. But when offered mascara that have effects like wearing false eyelashes, they are very interested.

This is reasonable. In the world of beauty, mascara occupies a significant portion in the overall makeup. You could say the portions of 25 percent because of mascara highlight your eyes and make the overall appearance looks perfect. There's something missing when wearing make-up, but do not use mascara.

What makes a False Lash Effect Mascara unlike any other mascara product? Max Factor's newest product claims as false eyelashes in a bottle. His greatness lies in thick and large brush that has been combined with brush iFX technology that can strengthen each lash. Not only in terms of brushes, False Lash Effect Mascara also has a liquid formula that has been patented lash.

The combination will facilitate the use of mascara on each sweep. Straight eyelashes will look thick, long, and tapering natural. The end result was not rigid.

Most women are inspired to the style of make-up superstar. They took an idea about what you want from a superstar and presented with a more natural style.

Desire woman makeup trends outlined three different ways, the Brown Radiant Collection that highlight shades of brown for a classic look. Fuchsia Collection, which offers a warm color palette for the appearance of a typical glamorous stars, and Gold Radiance representing gold color to display a dramatic impression.


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